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Shipping Container Houses - Victoria, BC, Canada - HoneyBox INC.

Container Houses and structures: Contact us to get the ball rolling on your container project. Let's talk container and start a design based on what you have seen on the internet, our web site or your imagination.

We sell new and used shipping containers: Please call for current prices. Our site yard is located 2011 malaview ave, Sidney, B.C. canada


ContainerX - HoneyBox INC. - Container house building blocks

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Studio 4FOUR4: July 27 2013

Photo gallery of Container House Studio 4four4 - Rough model - Simple and easy design - Include 10ft mechanical room - On or Off the grid. - Rain water collection - LED lights - kitchen by IKEA?, wood stove?, solar?

Gallery here - Studio 4FOUR4 - watch video HERE

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320 STUDIO MX: TIME LAPSE - Sept 20 2013

Video time Lapse of a - 320 StudioMX - assembled on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. The total time for assembly was 3 hours and 15 minutes.

You Tube Link:

Project is on its temporary location and will be relocated on top of the 10ft containers seen in video, becoming the "Spotter House"

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320 Studio MX

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Assembled Sept 3 2014 - 3x20ftHC (9.6") containers clamped together. House is made to come apart and has removable gutters. Center container is supported, the two side containers do not need support. This house can be made in a more basic version, no decks and keep doors maybe? Inside is steel and wood studs and spray foam insulation, wood paneling and a drop ceiling. Bathroom and mechanics are located in the smaller out container. Composting Toilet and 100% off the grid. Ceilings are over 8 feet tall - questions: email


320 Studio Float: 02 09 2016

Photo gallery of 320 Studio Float -

Gallery here - 320 Studio Float - watch video HERE

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320 STUDIO MX: It starts here with three - twenty foot new oneway use ISO shipping containers side clamped together. Made to be a temporary or a permanent structure. The use of container clamps and lashing rods allows the side containers to be supprted by the center container, supported at four corners with a footprint of 8'x20' ---------

Open Studio layout, off or on the grid living. Basic finished units will include spray foam insulation, 1/2" Birch plywood walls and ceiling, electrical, plumbing, doors, windows and venting

Prices Start: $75 000 CAD


Options: Off the grid systems, solar panels, voltage controllers, inverters, chargers, composting toilets, grey water treatment, water storage, pumps, hot water systems, propane fridges, propane stoves, wood or propane heat, Electrical, plumbing, kitchen, LED technology, energy efficient items

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TEN40TEN: Structural Container Building Blocks

Gallery Here -

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440 Titan Parts building - Container Structure 021015

Concept for parts storage and office space - Titan Inflatable boats, Victoria BC Canada - 4 x 40ftHC shipping containers -

See Video Here


Kontrol Room : Container structure

Gallery... Video to be posted

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Concept - Sky Rancher - 240620

You Tube Link:

Based on the proven 320 Studio design - House is Clamped together and uses components from the shipping industry. - Cost: $$$ - please contact.


Horizontal Conectors: heavy duty connectors for slack-free coupling of containers, and other structures.

1. Position and tighten Conectors into corner fitting holes.
2. Move containers together.
3. Tighten second side of connector into container.




TwistLocks: Used to secure container structure to foundation frames and ladder racks. Twistlocks provide a very secure but loose conection.

Lashing Rods and Turnbuckles : You will see these used on the container ships to secure containers to the ships decks, prevents racking and load shifting.

We use the lashingrods with turnbuckles to support side clamped containers.

Bridge Fittings: Container clamps - simular to the horizontal conectors but not as secure and slack free fitment. Bridge fittings are used to pull containers together when installing horizontal connectors. Bridge fittings can be used to clamp containers together when placed on the ground. Structure can not be lifted as one unit when using bridge fittings.

Ladder Racks: A.K.A. Foundation Frames. Used when mounting the structure off ground level - ie mounting the structure on top of another container. Foundation frames provide structure for decks, stairs, railings, solar panels etc.




Kondoh: Concept


Spotter House - Container House - HoneyBox INC

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320 StudioMX - Container House - HoneyBox INC

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Project WhaleTown - Container House - HoneyBox INC

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Flat Pad 440 - Container House - HoneyBox INC

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